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Creativity Unleashed

Do you feel like your creativity needs to be unleashed? Here are four excellent articles that may help.


Learning to code.

Darwin and change.

As discussed in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholics are often very successful as business leaders. Today, learning to code is becoming more crucial than ever. The good news is, it is easier than ever to learn thanks to the Internet.

1. Codecademy: A free service, Code Academy offers a number of online lessons for varying degrees of expertise as well as a useful set of resources. The lessons are simple to follow and easy to understand.

How to Awaken Your Intuition

How to Awaken Your Intuition

I want to share something with you that completely changed my life in the most profound way. I found every answer I was looking for and every step I needed to take. I went from a place of fear, worry, and anxiety, to a place of love, peace, and trust. And let me tell you, living from the latter is a good place to be.
What did I do to get There? I turned my attention and awareness inward towards my internal guiding light, my intuition.

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