Ms. Latvia

This young lady is endeavoring to be the next Ms. Latvia.
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She promotes a drug free life and exercise. is proud to endorse her.

Here is an excerpt from her blog translated from Latvian to English:

"How to achieve a good figure?
Hello everyone! Many people ask how to get a good figure? Do not you think that's a lot just lazy !? If you want something, you can achieve all that you want! I do not like to listen to ... I gave birth, I have two / three children, big bones, no time, study, work, hormonal disorders, and so on .... usually dull laziness . And to argue with a man without a useful until he will think about himself and his thoughts. So are you so happy. You just do not want to change anything. You are so comfortable and everything. You just do not need it and you do not want to do. That's all. You just feel sorry for myself that you yourself created your body. Want to do ... I do not want to, did not move to do something. I do not encourage anyone to do sports, everyone has their own understanding of beauty! You just need to look after yourself. You can not throw a trash (fast food) ... I do not need now to take offense at what I wrote. Less words, more action! Our body is a reflection of our soul! Good luck! :)"

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