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SeekSobriety.com needs your help to grow and make the world a better place.

Job Openings & Ideas to build upon
Director of:

  • Legal Operations; Web Development and Technical Operations
  • Online Blogging; Bulletin Board & Chat Moderators
  • Director of Creativity, Advertising, Print Media, Photography, Videography.

  • Govt Grant writer; Venture Capitalist Funding seeker; Kickstarter.com setup
  • Internet Marketer; Linked In, Facebook & Twitter profile creator
  • Collector of life saving literature, writer of life saving blog, life saving 5 minute daily message.
  • Achieving euphoria without drugs, transcendental meditation, prayer, daily rituals, pump you up slogans.
  • Sobriety in religious texts. Atheist, Agnostic perspective.

  • Psychological and physiological effects of drug/alcohol use/abuse.
  • Effect on family, friends, and societal perceptions; Legal and Occupational implications of drug use.

  • SeekSobriety fashion line: T-shirts, hats, bracelets, pendants, ties, and other accessories.
  • Marketing Materials: Pens, life saving messages, bumper stickers, buttons, logo and other art.
  • Profile famous people throughout history who have struggled with substance abuse and found sobriety.
  • Sobriety related lyrics, music production, video, film, and documentary productions.
  • Sobriety Slam Poetry video contest.

  • Sell ad space to rehabs, provide a review of rehabs, collect testimonials, success stories,
  • Discuss the importance of one addict helping another and working with a sponsor or sobriety coach.
  • Sober wake up call service; provide motivational, entertaining and life saving messages.

  • Where to get help:
  • Govt help, free help, scholarships, clothing closets, soup kitchens, thrift stores, consignment shops.
  • Review of doctors, insurance companies, counselors, etc.
  • Importance of diet, exercise, and sleep in the recovery process.

  • Showcase of addict friendly companies who provide opportunities for capable candidates.
  • Teach you how to fish: teach you how to start and run your own successful business with minimal costs.
  • SeekSobriety Education portal: Instructional software, mp3 and videos.
  • Dreambuilding. Shutting negative people down and out of your life.
  • Exuding positivity, bringing out the best in people.

  • Reach out to addicts and challenge them to follow "The SeekSobriety.com Path to Prosperity."
  • SeekSobriety.com talent show; an opportunity to show your talents to the world and win prizes while spreading the message of sobriety.

  • It is important to remember that seeksobriety.com benefits from users of drugs and alcohol, we market to them, they are the ones who can use our site the most.
  • You do not have to be sober to support seeksobriety.com; you do not even need a desire to be sober.
  • Anyone can benefit from seeksobriety.com services.

  • SeekSobriety.com endeavors to eventually open SeekSobriety Life Saving Community Centers in every town across America; Where recovering addicts can teach each other how to be better human beings; Catch a 12 step meeting; Provide charitable services to the community; Feed the homeless; Teach skills to the underprivileged; Etc.

    If you would like to get involved:

    Email: omid@seeksobriety.com
    Call or Text 240-437-7859
    Call or Text 202-250-0253

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